[thesite] RE: [Admin] Article Alert - Announcing evolt.org 2.0!

elfur at hugvit.is elfur at hugvit.is
Thu Dec 14 04:19:26 CST 2000

Yes, this (the black on darkgreen) came up last night, we have to alter the
style sheet to take that ammendment into consideration.
About the buttons, they are work in progress, not there yet. As I
understand, they will be there, but we wanted to get things in the air
first - before changing anything like that.

Since I'm swamped at work right now, could someone else please alter the
stylesheet thanks

: elfur

> i
> ps: in the article, the "isaac foreman" should be "isaac forman"

ok, the change went through despite the error. error must be in the
post-update display.

btw, can we do something about the top-right nav (black on dark green).
also, can we change that body bgcolor green? it's too saturated (looks
perfect on my 21", but not on the 15" - which is usually more indicative of
how everyone else has their monitor set). originally i had that 1px stripey
bg image, but that fucked up the aliasing of the tab, so we dropped it.

what happened to marlene's buttons which were meant to replace those? i
thought they were cool.


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