[thesite] uniformity

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Thu Dec 14 16:33:10 CST 2000

ya, thats still hardcoded.. havn't got the whole thing yet.. you can 
build it on the fly as well..

open up the Application.cfm for the main site, at the very bottom there 
is a <cfquery> funtion named application.topics

copy that whole <cfquery> statement and plug it into the top of the list 
site. then check out dsp_header.cfm on the main site to see how to call it..

if you can't/dont want to get it, i can throw it in for you tomorrow :)

(also playing with the colors on the lists. site.. sorry, didnt know you 
were working there :)


McCreath_David wrote:

> Dan, are you hard coding that select in the black bar? Or can you build that
> on the fly from the main server? I ask because I was wondering about what to
> do on lists.evolt.org
> Oh, looks good, too. :)

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