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McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Thu Dec 14 17:35:41 CST 2000

I've been having to squeeze work stuff <sigh> between my evolt stuff and
planning my upcoming vacation (scott, i'm finally actually coming to dallas!
i'll email you off list to see you're around/available for a beer and a
shot), so I haven't done much since my last swipe at the radio buttons...
getting back to that in a bit here.

as for the radio buttons, the button on the bottom row is probably the
answer. I think I didn't change it that way originally because I ... don't
remember ... might have been new kid nerves ...

>we need more padding on article details template between the date/catname
>and the article title. the left margin running down alongside the article
>could be a touch fatter.

thanks for the input, isaac.

>padding = relaxed readers. cramped text makes people feel jumpy. (no proof
>just guessing. ;))

Ah. the ultimate in usability testing -- the gut feeling. :)

NP: Minor Threat -- In My Eyes (rrrrrrrrrrrr!)

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