[thesite] some constructive criticism

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Thu Dec 14 19:15:14 CST 2000

> I posted a thread on MetaFilter about the new redesign:
> http://www.metafilter.com/comments.mefi/4817
> and although one of the users comes off as a little snippy at first, the
> list in the 7th comment is a pretty good one and contains a few things I
> hadn't noticed or thought about.

alright, let's ignore the grump (someone tell him to surf in netscape3 -
text is perfectly legible ;p), but take on the list of things to change.

also, someone tell him that i'm the designer and he can come around and try
and shoot me anytime.

can we start by doing 2 things:

bump text colour closer to 000000 to increase legibility
make links more obvious

our options with the links:
use blue
use underline
use white text with dark bg

blue is gonna struggle against the green bg
too much underline on small text is not the best...
white text with dark bg will look good in articles, but horrible in the
i'd suggest underline on links...

re text sizing, can we bump all text up 1px and see how it looks?


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