[thesite] some constructive criticism

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Fri Dec 15 00:45:29 CST 2000

> > use white text with dark bg
> where you talking about?

you know the hover style that is popular on trendy blogs. you mouseover a
link, and it "inverts"... ie, the background around the text itself is dark.
not the entire content area. that make sense? zeldman probably does it. if
he doesn't, WSP or ALA do. if they don't kottke would. maybe they all do it.

but, don't worry about that anyway: i think underline is our best bet... i
know it's so standard, but it'll avoid people saying "it's hard to tell
what;s a link and what's not".

ie, i was reading scott's anniv article, and he'd used bold and a link in
one sentence. it was not immediately obviously that the link was, err, a
link. and we really can't use a colour instead. green will get lost, red
will look festive (ugh, festive!), blue will be jarring, etc.


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