new site changes (was: RE: [thesite] some constructive criticism)

Elfur Logadottir elfur at
Fri Dec 15 14:46:10 CST 2000

I agree with 1,3 & 4 without argue, but no. 2 is not as

about those underlines: I really think only the links that
are inline with text should be underlined - not the
'obvious' links like "Full article", "Comments", the Author,
and the Topics on the left (under the date)

btw, I really don't like the word topic, to me each and
every category on the site can have many topics, and I have
to agree with our constructively criticizing friend fleener,
about that item :-\


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| Taking into account several suggestions made yesterday,
I've made some
| changes to Can we get some opinions?
| xxxxx
| 1) I changed the text to #333333 and bumped it up to 12px.
This looks good
| to me.
| 2) I added underlines to the links *except* on the sidebar
and the navbar at
| the top. To me the sidebar and navbar are such common
places for links, I
| thought we could try it without them.
| My only comment is that I HATE the underline on the
article title. WAY too
| distracting. I figure there are two options: Make a new
style to remove the
| underline from the linked article titles on the home page
OR just unlink the
| titles. I think I would prefer to have a new style,
because the title is
| such an obvious thing to link.
| 3) I took the nowrap attribute off the far left column
because the larger
| text size was making the main content column sooooo narrow
(at 640x480) that
| it lost importance.
| 4) Just in case anyone missed it, yesterday isaac
suggested adding some
| padding on the article page to get some breathing for
large blocks of text.
| I also took the nowrap attribute off the date/subject cell
in the upper left
| hand corner, and I have a comment about that. On the
topics/centers that
| have small names (see Jobs), that left hand column becomes
too narrow, IMO.
| I'd like to add a 1 x (datewidth) pixel spacer in the cell
that has the
| "Print Article" link to set a minimum width for the
column. Opinions?
| xxxxx
| So, have a gander at and chime in.


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