[thesite] RE: new site changes

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Fri Dec 15 17:48:58 CST 2000

>toptabblacknavthingie looks better as a whole unit, but in NN4.x, 
>it's still offset from the content table... doesn't happen on the main 
>site, though...

So weird. I just looked in 4.08 Mac for the first time and there's a big gap
between the toptabblacknavthingiebarwhosits and the content ?! Shit. I don't
know which change caused that. I might have to start from scratch (scratch
being the css on the live site) and go through my changes one at a time
again, so don't panic if you see constant differences for a little bit here.

>also, the article titles are now the same size as the text... did you 
>gut the class 'title'?

Hm. Maybe the size difference is hard to discern? FWIW, there is no stand
alone class in the stylesheet called 'title'. There was a 'strong.title',
which is how the style was applied originally. All the headlines had this:
<strong class="title"></strong>. I added 'a.title:(states)' classes and
switched the style on the headline from the <strong> tag to the <a> tag.
'title' is 14px and the default text is now 12px. How about if I bump the
headline up to 15px?

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