[thesite] new styles

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 16 01:33:54 CST 2000

thought i was going to bed... maybe RSN...

anyway, uploaded heaven.css and hell.css to test.evolt.org... they 
use the CSS that dave finished up tonight, so the units are good, 
all it is is color changes... and a background image that will not 
show up in IE, but does show up in my original pages and in 

anyway, http://test.evolt.org/ is temporarily using hell.css (as 
isaac_dave.css) for now... i'll change it back shortly...

one question, though... who inserted the 'error' class?  it wasn't 
mine, and judging by the indenting style, dave didn't insert it, 
either... what's it do and where can i see it in action?  at the very 
least i need to know what it does for the two new styles, but i also 
want to make sure that it doesn't override neccessary styles, have 
redundant styles, or appear in both the sidebar and the main text 

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