[thesite] next 10 articles => 404

Ashish india_design at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 16 04:36:02 CST 2000

I am on a IE5.5, but on NT4, SP5, and I don't get any problems. The next
page comes very cleanly without any problems. Don't know HTH !
BTW, looks pretty good.

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> From: "George Dillon" <george.dillon at ukonline.co.uk>
> At the bottom of the index page ( http://evolt.org/ ) there's a link to
> 'next 10 articles':
> http://evolt.org/topics/all/0/11/10/evolt.org
> Which gives a 404 (win98 ie5.5).

IE5.0,win98 -- no problem...

what is it about IE5.5 that's different?  pasting in the URL works,

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