[thesite] Body edit textarea - not always escaping chars

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Sun Dec 17 01:09:19 CST 2000


: From: Oliver Lineham
: On the article editor, the content in the "body"
: textarea isn't (IMO) being escaped properly.
: The result is IE5.5 sometimes shows tags,
: sometimes doesn't (haven't tried other browsers).

this has nothing to do with the browser.  if you view the source of the
document you'll see that the only characters that are being replaced are the
ampersand (&) with it's html character entity (&amp;).  that's all that's
necessary to make it work.  it will show *everything* else in the textarea
as it gets it.

: Example that works right:
: (The Tao of Testing) - I can see all the tags, <p>'s etc in the body

correct - you can see them cause in the source code too.  html tags that are
escaped and intended to be viewed on the page they'll appear beginning with

: Example that doesn't work right:
: (P3P Project) - I can see a few tags like the <a> and
: <blockquote>s, but the <p>'s have been interpreted
: by the browser and I can't see or edit them.

that's because that article did not have any <p> tags in it to begin with.
if you don't believe me go to the edit screen and view the source.  you'll
see that there aren't any <p> tags anywhere in the body textarea.



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