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rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Dec 17 21:16:04 CST 2000

>...  if you give people the option to not show their
> email address, then we have to respect that.

hi jeff

as long as you're thinking along those lines, consider that person might
want to mark their email id with a specific PRIV level

having said that, it's a bit trickier with email id than with any other
piece of data, simply because of the legacy aspect of that particular field

but if we can make the jump from using the two fields ADMIN and GOD and
replace them with PRIV, then we should also be able to make the same jump
for the email id field, which now has a separate field (LEAVEOUT?)
associated with it for whether or not to show it

using PRIV, your email id would show up on articles, on contact pages, on
article comments, on member pages, not based on who *you* are, but on who
the *page visitor* is

i'm pretty sure jeff gets this idea, but if anyone else has any questions,
please holler, and i'll try to explain further

> however, we could add a contact form to the
> individual user page if the user has their email turned off.  this
> form would use a cfmail and the users email address without exposing it
> the person contacting them.

that's gorgeous, and it would make sense no matter what the PRIV level is

way to go, jeff


p.s. just testing to see whether "thesite" still allows attachments -- if
this goes through, all i want to say is, i wonder if we can work this into
the black tab on the new design....
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