[thesite] another couple bugs...

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Dec 17 23:16:54 CST 2000

sorry if these have already been reported...

choosing Jobs or Suggestions from the dropdown list returns

  Results 1 to 0 of 0

yet there are jobs in there (link to one of them off the sidebar) and
presumably some old suggestions too

the search for users is kinda cool, i checked my own which includes the
stat "articles: 17" which is actually all of them, including the rejected
ones (like the DO NOT APPROVE ones i did when testing a tricky edit of
someone else's article)

the user search textbox says "You may search for users by first name, last
name, or username" which is kind of misleading, you really can't control
it, there's only one textbox, it should say something like "the search will
execute against first name, last name, and username" or something

the user search results page, if more than 10 hits are returned, has links
to previous/next "articles"

and one of the users on my random search had the stats "Articles: 0
Comments: [Given: 0] [Received: 1]" which is kinda wacky, how can you
receive a comment with 0 articles....

jeff, dave, want me to have a look at the sql?  i have no idea where to
find it on my own...

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