[thesite] the black tab

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Mon Dec 18 13:24:05 CST 2000

>> maybe we could slightly redesign the black tab so that the logo is not 
>> intrinsically part of it but rather occupies a (rectangular) place within

>> a table cell...
>isn't Black Tab a patrick swayze movie?

I thought it was a Guinness & diet-soda cocktail.

>> e.g. http://rudy.ca/blacktab.html
>some responses... of course, we have to assume that *any* of us 
>is willing to gut and rebuild the entire blacktabnavthingie 
>considering all the hassle i went through forever ago, and mccreath 
>went through getting it all kosher... this may sound simple to you, 
>but under the current circumstances, it makes me wince...

Well, I don't want to advocate for rebuilding the blacktabnavbarthingie at
the moment because I think there are other things that need to be addressed,
like the page designs for the browsers.evolt.org and lists.evolt.org.

HOWEVER... as I'm sure everybody has noticed, the nav pulldown is bumped all
butt-ugly up against the top of the black area right now, so it's going to
need some attention at some point. I haven't gotten back to it because it's
finally not screwing up the whole navbar in some of the older browsers, and
there were other pressing issues. I'm sure it has something to to with the
<form> tags. They are where they have to be to make the page validate to
4.01Tr, but somebody might need to rebuild that piece anyway to figure out a
way to get the pull down to line up properly (centered in the cell).

>as for your suggestions, well, they look too damn big to me... the 
>tab is too wide, and the logo is pushed down and in too far... as if 
>the tab only came about because we couldn't fit the logo... and the 
>buttons look off-balance in the center...
>but that's just my opinion...

I agree that Rudy's option 2 has the logo floating too isolated in a field
of black, and I like the three round buttons below it. Plus, last I recall,
Marlene (and Elfur?) was working on some more buttons to go into the middle
space. Am I wrong? I don't remember what buttons, just that there was some
conversation. That would throw that option out the window.

>> no offence, isaac, but the current tab looks too "squeezed" in the tab 
>> area
>some of that is my doing, as well... the logo was smaller, but i 
>wanted to enlarge it a bit to make cleaner aliased-edge squares...

Yeah, I don't think we want to make the logo any smaller, but what if we
made the tab just a few pixels wider on each side? 


That would require some work on the new year's logo, but isn't that better
in the long run than redesigning the site for a temporary logo? I'm not
trying to start anything, especially since I'll be unavailable for helping
for the next two weeks, just offering some suggestions.


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