[thesite] [BUG] The timestamp on comments ...

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 18 16:09:34 CST 2000

as far as i know, the date is assigned by the server, not the 
client... given that, the client's time zone shouldn't matter at all...

also, if you check the comment at 
evolt.org, you'll notice the top comment is out of order, but has a 
later time-stamp than the other two...

my guess is that it's an error in the sort from the SQL query...

> From: "Elfur Logadottir" <elfur at lists.evolt.org>
> To reply to my own post, I notice that this has been
> addressed already, but I have a conspiracy theory.
> Me thinks:
> The problem seems to occur when us that are ahead, have
> reached a new day, but you that  are later haven't.
> Translation:
> Taylor's Timezone is probably before Oracular's so that when
> Taylor submits the comment the correct time is 1:54 on the
> _18th_ whereas it' still the 17th on the server.
> Somehow the server gets the clock correctly, but not the
> date.
> This is just speculation, but since this has happened to me
> before (where a new day had dawned here, but not in the U.S)
> I suspect this being the case.

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