[thesite] Comment headline using H4

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 18 16:13:18 CST 2000

> From: "Elfur Logadottir" <elfur at elfur.is>
> After the font size has been enlarged on the content - the
> H4 size is smaller than the content - therefore the
> headlines of comments, that are using H4, are displaying
> smaller than the content that follows - how should we fix
> this? Use H3? Enlarge the pixel size on H4?

there are a couple answers...

if you are enlarging fonts, then all fonts should scale... at least if 
you use the style changer... if you are doing it through the browser, 
they should still all scale, unless the <h4> is coded with different 
units than the body text...

also, we have talked about discouraging the use of <h4>-<h6>... 
personally, i think we might want to have <h4> - <h6> similar 
sizes... but who knows right now... i still haven't seen an article 
with <h4>, though...

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