[thesite] nav menu alignment

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Tue Dec 19 17:50:47 CST 2000

Hi, all -

I'm getting ready to shut off my computer for a couple of weeks whilst I go
warm up my bones, but I had a little time this morning and played with the
header. I didn't change the logo, but I did finally get the navigation
pull-down to vertically align in the middle of the black bar.


It works in NN 4.08 and IE 5.5 on W2K, but I can't check it in any other
browsers, so if somebody could check that in a couple of other browsers
(especially Macs) and give a quick shout, I'd appreciate it. Then I can move
the newly adjusted stylesheet (see "check font sizes please?") and
blacktabnavbarthingie to the live site.

I'll be around for a couple more hours.


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