[thesite] CF error on home page

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Wed Dec 20 14:23:21 CST 2000


: From: Seth Bienek
: Was it working correctly before?  What change
: caused it to stop working?  Do we know the exact
: source of the problem?

there have not been any changes to that bit of code since it was written
many months ago.

my personal feeling is that we're dealing with some corrupted memory.
restarting the server will probably take care of it.

: I had a look at the source, and I can't see why
: cfparam and cfif not isquery are being used
: instead of isdefined..

it's done with cfparam and cfif not isquery because that's the right way to
do it.  isdefined() is the lazy way of doing it.  you should always define
your variables (no matter the scope) before using it.  the only time the use
of isdefined is justified is when working with cookies since you can't
cfparam them without actually setting them in the user's browser.

read the following for some of my thoughts on the use of isdefined if you're
really curious.





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