[thesite] CF error on home page

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Wed Dec 20 18:52:58 CST 2000


: From: Oliver Lineham
: > my personal feeling is that we're dealing with
: > some corrupted memory.
: a freak occurrence, or a missing cflock, do you think?

reads and writes of application scoped variables that aren't locked is the
culprit i'm guessing.  i've only seen this one other time and it was the
same error about scoped queries.   from my experience scoped queries was a
limitation in cf3.0, but support was added for it in cf4.0.  i'm guessing
someone forgot to take out that error message before compiling the v4+
executables and it somehow only shows up once the server starts getting
memory corrupted.

: >restarting the server will probably take care of it.
: can we put up a friendlier "site down" message until
: the server can be restarted? i assume index.html still
: takes precedence over cfm?

yes, but it's a .cfm that's causing the error and the .cfm will be requested
first because the cf server is still running.  i think i have a solution to
that though - more on that later.



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