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Oliver Lineham oliver at lineham.co.nz
Thu Dec 21 05:54:29 CST 2000

At 02:10 21/12/2000 -0800, you wrote:

>my official opinion is that using automatic lock checking is the wrong
>solution to the problem.

it's not a solution to any problem, just a safeguard against bad coders.

for that matter, we have no evidence that it wasn't someone else's bad CF 
app that corrupted the server memory, since it is a shared server.

>the problem with it in a shared environment is that it could potentially 
>throw errors in other applications on the server that aren't locking or 
>using named locks instead of scoped locks.

my personal opinion is that a shared environment is a particularly good 
place for lock checking, so that one person's badly written application 
can't screw up someone else's good one.  the problem is, you have to 
implement it right from the start. if you just switch it on oneday, some 
people might be very upset :)

>my personal feeling about automatic lock checking is that it breeds lazy

>it always going to be more appropriate and more efficient to perform the 
>locks yourself.

are you sure you understand lock checking?  it doesn't perform the 
locks.  you still have to perform the locks yourself. it'll just throw an 
error if you don't..

>that being said getting definitive information about how to correctly lock 
>reads and writes of session and application scoped variables is difficult.
>Allaire Documentation (case in point):

i don't see your point.

>i hope this clarifies the issue of when and how to use cflock.

i never had any problem understanding when or how to use cflock :)


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