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>i think it's exactly the opposite.  you don't want lock checking on in a
>shared environment because these are the types of server environments where
>there are already bottlenecks.  there's no sense adding additional overhead
>by performing lock checking, partially or in full.

suit yourself.

personally, if other people who i have no control over or contact with are 
using the same server as i am, i am happy to take a very small performance 
hit to ensure their sloppy coding doesn't bring down my whole site.

and it is a very small performance hit, from my tests.

>there is indeed an option to perform read-only locks.

..which i never mentioned or suggested. i've only been talking about full 
checking, not auto read locking.

>on top of that some small apps don't warrant the development overhead of
>making sure to lock all reads and writes.  to have the server set to do a
>full check is a ridiculous penalty to put on the development of this small
>app where that simply isn't necessary.

really?  if you put the locks in as you go, it's not cumbersome at all, in 
my experience.  hardly "development overhead" worth worrying about, for the 
gain in reliability you potentially gain.

not locking shared data accesses in a web application is like not deleting 
pointed-to objects in a C++ application. the application still "works" and 
the programmer hasn't had to think about pesky things like memory leaks. 
the product is just of lower quality.

>: >Allaire Documentation (case in point):
>: i don't see your point.
>weren't you the one complaining about allaire documentation only a couple of
>months back?

yes.  i repeat: i don't see your point.

you said "getting definitive information about how to correctly lock reads 
and writes of session and application scoped variables is difficult."

what is unclear about the language reference's cflock documentation?


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