[thesite] CF error on home page

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Thu Dec 21 08:33:52 CST 2000

Jeff said:

> lower quality is a relative term.  if the product has
> relatively low use there simply isn't a need for using
> locks and the small loss of performance associated.
> if i'm building a set of administrative tools for a client
> and those tools are going to get very light traffic (ie very
> few, if any simultaneous requests) then what's the point
> of locking the variables? there isn't any because you
> don't really start to see the advantage of locking until
> you experience traffic loads high enough to force
> requests that cause simultaneous reads and/or writes.

I disagree with you jeff on that point.  Shared variables should be locked,
no matter how light the traffic, if there is a chance of conflict.  However
remote, a memory conflict should be avoided because it can bring down the
whole server--not just for you, but everybody on it.  Though mandating such
locking may lead to dissention is the programmers and users, and therefore
might not be considered an option, a responsible programmer would be willing
to manually lock their shared variables for the sake of their own
applications, if not the applications of the whole.  I'm not saying that you
wouldn't be willing to lock variables (because I know you would) I just
*strongly* disagree with your prognosis that small apps do not warrant


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