[thesite] sequence of articles on front page

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Dec 21 19:48:11 CST 2000

>     WHERE contentid = content.contentid
>          AND datemod > '21-Dec-00') AS newcomments

hi jeff

thanks for the info

the ORDER BY datemod should work, nfi why it doesn't

if you want to add articleid then yes, it would require stripping the time
off (otherwise, whatever's fucking up the order now will continue to do so
even if the articleid is second)

and thanks for the above, but it still doesn't answer a nagging question i
had about why the count on the home page wasn't always the same as the
actual number of replies on the article -- because with 21-DEC-00 there
would be blessed few new comments up there today, yet the home page is
showing lotsa comments (and some of the counts are wrong)

and i don't see any place where it distinguishes "Recent Comments" from
"Comments" -- is this a planned feature?

i know you are a really safe coder, jeff (did you like my term "defensive
coding?") so here's something along the same lines -- make it

     datemod > TO_DATE('21-Dec-00')

and you'll never get a character comparison (even though i'm pretty sure
oracle is smart enough to do the conversion implicitly)


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