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Oliver Lineham oliver at lineham.co.nz
Thu Dec 21 21:31:06 CST 2000

At 16:50 21/12/2000 -0800, you wrote:

>: show me another major language that allows an
>: operator (such as '.') to exist within a variable name.
>: most serious languages don't allow it, for good reason.
>now you're just trolling.

no, i'm not. you said i didn't understand the difference at first. you're 
right, i didn't. because i assumed certain sensibilities of the language 
that are present in all other languages i know. i won't make the same 
mistake again.

>you know that the issue isn't that it allows periods within variable names.

no, i genuinely consider it a design flaw of the language.

have you ever programmed a text parser of the sort used by a script 
interpreter? deterministic automata and the like? i can see having an 
operator in a variable name as a real nuisance.

and actually, the other day, i found it is possible to simultaneously have 
two variables, one called "something.foobar" and the other a structure 
"something" containing a key "foobar".  at that point, using 
"something.foobar" in an expression is ambiguous.

>: yes, the language is primitive.  (it is also ugly, but that's a
>: different issue)
>geeeze ol, another troll.  i thought you were alittle smarter than that.

?? you brought up the "primitive and ugly" thing this time around.

>: i have found errors and ambiguities in the CF documentation,
>: yes, but i have no problem with CFLOCK documentation.  the
>: docs for CFLOCK are clear enough. perhaps they could've
>: written in baby terms for the designers who are trying to
>: write CF applications, but then the page would likely have
>: been ambiguous to the programmers.
>when i mentioned that questions are coming up about cflock on a regular
>basis on other lists, i wasn't referring to the casual designer using cold
>fusion.  these people that are asking about it and how to use it are
>programmers.  something is amiss if they're needing help consistently.

perhaps you and i have different definitions of "programmer".

this thread is tired, i'm sure you'll agree on that at least. i won't be 
replying anymore to this one on-list, and i'm away for the next 4 days or so.


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