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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Fri Dec 29 13:12:08 CST 2000


: From: Daniel J. Cody
: hey.. trying to get my shitty CF skills back up to
: par by trying to do something simple and i'm
: having some probs..
: someone requested that we have the article title
: in the page title of the browser. i thought, sure no
: prob.. just added the article title to a session
: variable, and have that print out..

what you're looking for is <cfhtmlhead>.  however, that's only a temporary
solution.  it allows you to set the title, but it won't put the
<title></title> tags in the best place for search engines.  if you'll recall
i talked about a method that josh and i came up with that would address not
only that, but also meta tags and other nonsense as well.

go ahead and implement this one in the meantime.  then, when josh or myself
or both of us have an opportunity to implement the other we can, but we'll
have something in the meantime.

if you get stuck with it, just holler and i'll jump in and help.



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