[thesite] ok, read this.

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Sun Nov 12 18:10:38 CST 2000

Good news: thesite is archive again properly.

Bad news: I had to wipe out the old archive to do it.

Not so bad news: I still have 'most' of the data from thesite from

Fickle news: you can access the old archives(ugly, sorry) at 

not the best solution, but the old stuff - sans jun2000 till yesterday -
is there.

talk about a bitch of a workaround.

oh, ya. I had to recreate this mailing list to get it working. If you
were on a digest of this list, you'll have to change your options back
to you. Right now, everyone is back on as a 'realtime' member. Change
your stuff at 

Maybe this will give the 50+ idle people here a kick and the arse :)

Lemme know if you see anything thats wack/wrong/out of place/not working



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