[thesite] Mentioning in .net November2000 issue

elfur at hugvit.is elfur at hugvit.is
Mon Nov 13 11:21:22 CST 2000

Hey y'all,
Nothing new here: we're mentioned on page 54 in November 2000 issue of .net
- the browser archive as usual.

However what struck me and made me write this comment is the text that
follows the mention:

This is the mention in it's whole:

Browser archive

This interesting site lists over 100 different browsers. You wouldn't want
to download them from here, as the site doesn't seem to have been updated
for a while, but it's a good starting point for your own explorations.

Makes me wonder, if we're doing everything we can in the new site to make
everyone feel the latest additions of browsers.
Just to make sure we won't get another comment like this one.

Then again, if it so happens that the archive hasn't been updated lately,
then of course we deserve it, and need to do something about it. And
perhaps here is finally something that I can be of assistance with, now
that I've got super duper connection (sic!) at work :oþ

the reading one rests

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