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elfur at hugvit.is wrote:
> Hey y'all,
> Nothing new here: we're mentioned on page 54 in November 2000 issue of .net
> - the browser archive as usual.

.net? as in microsoft .net ?
> Then again, if it so happens that the archive hasn't been updated lately,
> then of course we deserve it, and need to do something about it. And
> perhaps here is finally something that I can be of assistance with, now
> that I've got super duper connection (sic!) at work :oþ

I've never really put to much stock into anything the print media have
to say. Most of the time(most i say) the people writing these articles
are ones who can barely turn on thier computer..

also, i updated the archive yesterday with mozilla m18, and every couple
weeks I add something there, so this person wasn't really paying
attention/didnt care/likes to make broad generalizations.



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