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should have sent this here as well...

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> From: "Daniel J. Cody" <dcody at oracular.com>
> also, i updated the archive yesterday with mozilla m18, and every couple
> weeks I add something there, so this person wasn't really paying
> attention/didnt care/likes to make broad generalizations.

i know the archive isn't all it could be, it's missing some odd 
versions here and there of IE and NN, but that's cuz i can't find 

i think the dude is looking at the dates on the directory listings 
(august 1999?) and assuming that nothing has been done... also, i 
think the dude forgets that some browsers don't every get past 
version 1 or 2, so that it looks like they've been sitting there without 
updates for a while...

although at this point, i think dan uploads more than me, but that's 
due to time restraints on my end, and the fact that i have to double-
FTP (once to here, and then to there)...

yeah, we could be better, but i think the dude read the pages 

evolt leads to relevant material cross-pollinating the popular culture.

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