[thesite] Last 5 articles from thelist on the front page..

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Tue Nov 14 18:38:12 CST 2000

another FYI -

just changed the URL mapping of the (almost done) new archives. it is 
now using the 'new' way of doing it that we started about 3 months ago, 
replacing ?'s and &'s in the URL string with /'s .. this lets 
robots/spiders index us.

so, its linked off the frontpage, so the spiders can start indexing
the 'new' archives.. the new url looks something like this:

may or may not get this done on the browser archive yet tonite..

(also, the 'last 5' thing should be updating again, had to downgrade to
4.5.1 sp1 to fix the last thing they broke in sp2)

the only thing from making these 'new' archives into the permanent ones 
is the lack of date sorting i currently have.(and have been stuck on for 
months..) thankfully, I do have the date field saved in a string format 
in a seperate column in the DB.. so i can hopefully get that when jeff 
and rudy are here this weekend..

lemme know if i broke anything else, or something doesn't work :)


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