[thesite] expanded search & more rating

Marlene Bruce marlene at digitizethis.com
Tue Nov 14 21:06:01 CST 2000


People coming to our site will likely use our search feature, which 
currently searches articles. However, those visitors are potentially 
missing a huge chunk of our available resources in the way of our 
mailing list. Not that you can't go to the discussion list home and 
search from there, but I think there may be a good number of people 
who would never think of that. It isn't so user friendly.

Possible solutions:

* We figure a way make the search feature search both articles and 
the discussion list archives.
* We provide people with a drop down to select what they want to search:
      - articles
      - thelist (or maybe "emails")
      - both
* We don't care.

Another totally separate idea...

I know we plan to rate articles according to user votes. Do we also 
want to allow the authors to rate articles according to whether they 
are beginner, intermediate, or advanced level? This could be done in 
the article submission phase.

Forgive me if these were already brought up previously (like over the 
summer months).


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