[thesite] codefest 2.0 itineraries..

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 15 19:44:08 CST 2000

> Count me in via ICQ, Dan. Can you send a reminder out to thesite
> on Sat. (or
> at least to me)? I'll be running around packing for England, but
> I'll be able
> to find some spare time to take down the test.evolt.org server ;-)

the warning will be more or less like that of last time.
jeff or rudy posting something to admin about how drunk dan is. ;p

ok, seriously, +1 - post a reminder a few hours before you need the testing
help, and if i'm around, i'm around. but it's gonna be a 33+ degree weekend
(37degrees is 100F. 33 is probably a little bit below that) here, so i plan
on being outside.


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