[thesite] new archive URL formatting..

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Thu Nov 16 15:00:54 CST 2000

Not yet.. The one thing that slows the archive down is the use of 
<cfdirectory> which is really, really slow. This tag we're using here on 
the arhcive and list archives(new ones) is the same tag we'll be using 
on the new site(and are currently using on test.evolt.org).. jeff wrote 
it, and its pretty tight so hopefully we don't see any performance issues..

jeff, what train are you taking tomorrow to milwaukee? just wanna know 
what time i should pick you up.. rudy, we'll meet you at the airport at 
3pm :)

bring winter jackets. :(


Joshua OIson wrote:

> Looks really good.  Are you noticing a time-hit using this url scheme?

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