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Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Thu Nov 16 15:13:51 CST 2000

He already left for the airport, but I called him for you.  He will try to
be in Milwaukee before or at 3 to hook up with Rudy.

Give him a call on his cell, email me if you don't know it, if you need to
talk to him directly.


P.S.  He's taking a kick-butt jacket.  And, ask him about that cold-weather
dress shirt.  :-)

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> Not yet.. The one thing that slows the archive down is the use of
> <cfdirectory> which is really, really slow. This tag we're using here on
> the arhcive and list archives(new ones) is the same tag we'll be using
> on the new site(and are currently using on test.evolt.org).. jeff wrote
> it, and its pretty tight so hopefully we don't see any performance
> jeff, what train are you taking tomorrow to milwaukee? just wanna know
> what time i should pick you up.. rudy, we'll meet you at the airport at
> 3pm :)
> bring winter jackets. :(
>   .djc.
> Joshua OIson wrote:
> > Looks really good.  Are you noticing a time-hit using this url scheme?
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> http://lists.evolt.org/thesitearchive/
> and new & improved kentucky fried old archives:
> http://lists.evolt.org/thesitearchive/old/

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