[thesite] codefest 2.0 itineraries..

Marlene Bruce marlene at lists.evolt.org
Thu Nov 16 22:18:41 CST 2000

>Anyone else.. we've got walkera and adrian that are going to be
>available on ICQ that day for sure.. we could use some more for general
>help/testing.. anyone? my ICQ is 5119011 - lemme know. we for sure need
>more testers. :)

1. If you see me on ICQ, then I'm available for testing. I'll keep an 
eye out for email (which doesn't seem to be arriving at work again, 
so I dunno).

2. Don't expect to see me on ICQ, I've got a busy rest-of-the-week/weekend.

But just in case...25960815.


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