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Oliver Lineham oliver at lineham.co.nz
Thu Nov 16 22:41:14 CST 2000

At 23:25 15/11/2000 -0500, you wrote:

>Okay, so we need to modify the drop down list on the advanced search page 
>to be checkboxes, right? Will we want to list the centers individually, in 
>addition to everything else? How do we want to break this down?

i'm thinking a page something like:

Keywords: [textbox]

Search: [ ] Thelist archives
         [ ] Tips archive
         [ ] Member profiles
         [x] Articles
             [ ] Category name 1 [ ] Category name 2 etc
             [x] All categories
             [x] Search article comments in these categories too
         [ ] All of evolt.org

(i hope you all are using fixed-width text, eh)

this would be a real grand-daddy search page and probably a bitch to code. 
it'd probably start off small (just articles, comments, archive).

member profiles is a bit far down the track too, i think ;)

also note i only put Articles at the end since the large number of 
categories we will eventually have might push the other options (like tips) 
too far down the page.

plus i'm sure someone's going to have some usability issues to raise about 
such a search page.  all i know is that a page like this is what works for 
me, and (i suspect) most of our "professional" psychographic.


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