[thesite] [bug] redirect issue.

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Mon Nov 20 15:15:02 CST 2000

jeff, i'm going to wait till you get home and shit before i take this one..

whats the javascript supposed to be doing? check out bobs descriptino 
below. lemme know wassup. :)

 > >this still not working foryou??
 >  > thanks :)
 >  > .djc.

  Still not working.

Try to log in using the wrong password, then, on the error page, log in
correctly selecting the checkbox for "remember me".

The system will log you in, and give you the welcome back spiel, but the
redirect breaks.

If I hit "back" and go back to the welcome page, the redirect kicks in again
and it works.

(takes me to the http://test.evolt.org/login/index.cfm?action=error, but
lists me as logged in - e.g., the login form isn't there.)

As a side note, we should probably be having the redirect go to the first
page someone tries to log in from - not the error page if they have fat
fingers. (I know - where was I last week...easy to make suggestions after
the fact...I suck.)


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