[thesite] [bug] few minor things

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Mon Nov 20 18:43:36 CST 2000

Upon further review, this is going to be more difficult thatn i 
originally thought..

anyone else want to take this one?(basically, just loop through 
messages, grab one subject(and properties) output it, loop through till 
you find the next dis-similiar one, output that one, etc..)

i can get to it later, just not on my top 15 TTDL right now. this would 
be a good thing for someone looking to get their feet wet with helping out..

*ahem* :)


Daniel J. Cody wrote:

>> 2. Recently on the list
>> is it possible to have the last 5 threads and not the last 5
>> posts, 5 lines with the same sentence fraction doesn't say
> good idea, i'll work with that now.

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