[thesite] quickie question about new site.

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Tue Nov 21 15:08:41 CST 2000

Hey all -

Just thinking here about something.

We currently have a 'contact' link in two places on our site. One is a 
button on top, the other is a link to an email form on the right sidebar.

Question: Would it make more sense to leave the one at the top and get 
rid of the one on the side?

Reasoning: We currently don't have a link *anywhere* for a new user to 
register, and the sidebar place that 'contact' currently occupies would 
be a good spot for that.

Other Reasoning: Maybe we could leave the link for 'contact' on the 
sidebar(while also adding a register linnk there too), but change the 
icon at the top of the page from 'contact' to something else.


Oh, and since no one is really jumping at CF coding(which is cool) can 
anyone volunteer HTML/CSS help? <beg>Please?</beg> ;)


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