[thesite] faq linques

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Tue Nov 21 15:32:39 CST 2000

McCreath_David wrote:

> The FAQ TOC is misbehaving... the <a name> syntax is correct, but the the
> links actually resolve to "http://test.evolt.org/test/#link" instead of what
> it should. It works if you change the <BASE> URL to
> "http://test.evolt.org/faq/" (at least on my machine), but I don't know what
> else that might make wonky. (It's also still showing double numbers due to
> the <OL> tags and numbers in the text.)
> Dan, what kind of HMTL/CSS help do you need? I'm clueless on CF, but I've
> got a day off on Friday that I could use to help clean up font tags n such.
> Is that the kind of thing you're needing?

exactly :) basically some people to go through what you mention above, 
and check the site for stuff like <font> tags(which there shouldnt be 
any of, correct me if i'm wrong adrian), make sure the accesskey things 
are correct, stuff like that.. Some people to go over our HTML/CSS to 
make sure its smurfy. Let me know if you need any more direction david, 
and thanks a million.


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