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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Nov 21 15:37:05 CST 2000

.djc. & dave,

: From: McCreath_David
: The FAQ TOC is misbehaving... the <a name> syntax is
: correct, but the the links actually resolve to
: "http://test.evolt.org/test/#link" instead of what it should.
: It works if you change the <BASE> URL to
: "http://test.evolt.org/faq/" (at least on my machine), but I
: don't know what else that might make wonky. (It's also
: still showing double numbers due to the <OL> tags and
: numbers in the text.)

this is one of those unfortunate side-effects caused by using our brand-new
url scheme.  in order to make the anchors work correctly they'll have to be
referenced like this:

<a href="/faq/#vars##quest_tokens###one" >How did evolt.org come about?</a>

instead of like this:

<a href="#one">How did evolt.org come about?</a>

make sense?  (well, that's more for .djc. than anyone since he's the only
other person that knows how the new url scheme works besides me).

(i'll go make the change on that right now)

ok, it's back to work for me,


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