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Tue Nov 21 18:10:11 CST 2000


: From: Oliver Lineham
: yep, although not with the way you're avoiding
: the "index.cfm" at the beginning of urls.

i was referring more to the methodology of breaking up a site into various
"applications" and then displaying those "applications" based on a parameter
passed in the url (not how or where it appears in the url though).

: i'm doing my own custom munging of query strings
: on another site.. i'd love to get rid of the index.cfm
: at the start though, how is it done? is it a server
: setting? i suppose i'll be unlikely to be able to do it if
: the site is hosted with a webhosting company (ie. no
: access to server config).

it's not only a server setting, but a complete rethink on how urls are
written, how apps are written, and how variables values are collected and
worked with.  not only can you not do it without having the ability to
administer your own server, you're not likely to be able to do it if you
don't have some versing on the various ugly scenarios you're likely to

: (aside:   here's an interesting one .. why does
: http://test.evolt.org/index.cfm/article/view/18/4109/
:   return all 669 "new" articles? ;)

that's an easy one.  cause it's not parsing that malformed url you're
using - nothing interesting about that.  <duck>

: is the 'view' really needed though?  surely it would
: be possible to change your uta.cfm to make the
: following work:
: http://test.evolt.org/article/18/4109/this_is_a_great_article.cfm

sure we could change it.  however, the url parsing tag needs to be flexible
enough to accomodate apps larger than the article app.  that's where the
second "directory" comes in.  those apps that need to be sub-apps or
portions of the app that do very different things, then the "switch" would
be placed in that second position.

: IMO that would look nicely like a "genuine" path with
: a realistic looking hierarchy.

sure, but you've gotta maintain some flexibility for those larger apps.

: (we could even change the .cfm to .html for looks,
: but i don't care about that)

sure, we could even replace index.cfm with evolt.org if we wanted to.  it's
really quite flexible.

hope this makes more sense,


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