[thesite] test.evolt - urls to articles

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Nov 21 19:31:45 CST 2000

> it's not only a server setting, but a complete rethink on how urls are
> written, how apps are written, and how variables values are collected and
> worked with.  not only can you not do it without having the ability to
> administer your own server, you're not likely to be able to do it if you
> don't have some versing on the various ugly scenarios you're likely to
> encounter.

well, quit playing high-horse and tell us some of those ugly scenarios ;)

maybe one day i'll have my own server to administer... :P

> sure we could change it.  however, the url parsing tag needs to
> be flexible
> enough to accomodate apps larger than the article app.  that's where the
> second "directory" comes in.  those apps that need to be sub-apps or
> portions of the app that do very different things, then the "switch" would
> be placed in that second position.

could you just drop the view and make it the defaultcase in app_article.cfm?

> sure, we could even replace index.cfm with evolt.org if we wanted
> to.  it's
> really quite flexible.

well, what are you waiting for! ;)
that would rock.


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