[thesite] [bug] search issues/ideas

Marlene Bruce marlene at digitizethis.com
Tue Nov 21 20:20:19 CST 2000


In advanced search, I did a search on "css". It came up with nothing. 
A search on "CSS" came up with numerous results. Does search have to 
be case-sensitive?

In the failed search attempt, the results were listed as:

1 - 0 of 0 found

Perhaps we should just call it "0 found", or at the very least "0 - 0 
of 0 found".

I presume the word "score" next to all of the results will eventually 
be replaced by the real score.

I searched in "Code" for CSS and got no results. Perhaps when there 
are no results in one topic we should suggest alternative ways to get 
a successful result. Something like:

"No results found for "CSS". Repeat search in [all topics]."

...with "all topics" a button to re-run the search automatically?


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