[thesite] [HTML] cleanup based on?

Marlene Bruce marlene at lists.evolt.org
Tue Nov 21 20:50:20 CST 2000

Okee dokee. Elfur and David, do you want to divvy up articles by number?

Hey, Adrian's style application is different than what's currently 
being used on the test site. Some of the differences are better. 
Shouldn't we finalize the CSS before proceeding?


At 8:19 PM -0600 11/21/00, Daniel J. Cody wrote:
>basically, go over the source and pick out any shit that doesn't belong
>there.(font tags for example) and put stuff that should be there but
>isn't in there. use adrians style guide for direction:
>also, we need to check the access keys across the site(some of them may
>be the same) and tabindex's.. alot of that stuff I have no clue about :)
>if you guys could communicate on thesite list with [html] in the
>subject, that might be a good thing so everyone else knows what you're
>working on and doesn't overwrite it or re-do it..
>lemme know if you guys need more direction, and big thanks :)

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