[thesite] RE: [html] distributing workload

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 22 13:13:57 CST 2000

> From: McCreath_David <McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us>
> Rock on, elfur! That looks good to me. I have work to tend to today and a
> social obligation this evening, but Thursday and Friday are holidays for me,
> so I can buckle down and bust through all that. Are US people going to be
> around/online tomorrow (it's Thanksgiving for our non-US pals)? I probably
> will be in the morning and maybe the evening. Friday for sure.

i hope to be missing tomorrow, but i know i can't avoid the web that 
long... in short, i will be busy...

> Now that I've caught up with the 90's and gotten an ICQ number, I'll keep
> that live. (Is there anyway to move a user list from one machine to another
> or do I need to go through the steps of building it again on my work
> machine?)

dunno, but i brought all my install files from home and just started 
copying until it either broke ICQ or got my list... it worked...

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