[thesite] evoltclone sql

Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Wed Nov 22 14:51:32 CST 2000

hi walker

ordinarily i would have it right handy (i always keep the model in sql 

however, it's at home and it needs doublechecking to make sure i have 
everything the way we left it after codefest2

assuming dan hasn't made additional db changes, i can post my sql within a 
day or so -- soon enough?

unless perhaps dan can generate a script using toad or some oracle 
utility, in which case i'd go with that, as it would be totally more 
reliable -- mine is, after all, an offline version

do you need the pks and fks as well?  i've got a couple of them, on the 
newer tables, as well as two honest-to-goodness non-trivial constraints!! 

    create table rating
     (ratingid    number(8)  primary key
     ,userid      number(8)  not null references users
     ,contentid   number(8)  not null references content
     ,  constraint oneratingperuserperarticle
            unique (userid,contentid)
     ,datecreated date default sysdate not null
     ,lastmod     date default sysdate not null
     ,ratingvalue number(1)  not null
     ,  constraint ratingbetween1and5
             check (ratingvalue between 1 and 5)


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