[thesite] [html] changed my first page - the user page - some drastic changes ...

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 23 18:42:28 CST 2000

> Well, not drastic in the sense that I ruined everything, I
> think I did put it better in shape with the lines that have
> been drawn, but ...

don't know what it looked like before, but it looks fine now.

one bug on the user page:

Unlocking MS Access MDB Files
[Comments: 3] - [Rating: 5 of 1 Ratings]

5 of 1 Ratings?

this should be changed to match the output on the frontdoor i guess

clicking member info gives me:
and an edit data button.

i hit that and get this url which goes to the frontdoor:

member stuff not done yet, or is screwing up?

another bug - trying to edit a comment.
edit link is:

404 on a cfinclude:
document position (11:3) to (11:45) in the template file:

btw, admin article and comments boxes are gonna be so useful. looking cool.


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