[thesite] [html] dsp_header.cfm

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Sat Nov 25 17:09:46 CST 2000

Ah! Yeah, Adrian, I did rework the existing code, but I was using your page
as the benchmark (that's where I noticed the form thing). We can certainly
go back and re-do it, but I wasn't sure which was more up-to-date. Since the
header as it exists on roselli.org uses images that are not on evolt.org, so
should we (the [html] people) just save them from Adrian's page and upload
them? It doesn't matter to me how we do it. (BTW, I'm sure that Adrian's
code will work better across browsers and platforms because it's a *much*
simpler table, but what I did *does* validate. :))

So to get the code from Adrian's site to evolt, do we (the [html] people)
just need to grab the appropiate page and cut and paste our way through the
templates? Or do you have the separate pieces in discrete files already,

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> just to chime in here.. the HTML/CSS code(i believe, unless you guys
> changes stuff) that is on test.evolt.org is not what we should be
> using.. jeff took a version of the html/css that wasn't done yet when he
> first built test.evolt.org - we noticed this at the first codefest..
> this is probably my fault, since I should have been more clear to
> marlene, elfur, and david.. i probably sounded like we needed the code
> on test.evolt.org fixed, when what i should have said we needed it
> replaced with what adrian has on his site.
> the best example is the header, which is way different than what is on
> adrians site.. i tried to fix it at codefest 1.0 but my complete lack of
> html/css skills delayed that.
> sorry guys, my fault :)
> hopefully that makes sense
> .djc.
> aardvark wrote:
> >
> > this troubles me... i suspect you are not using the template i
> > made, but are instead trying to munge the code that was already
> > there into validating... this won't work too well since we have made
> > a number of changes since that HTML was implemented... not all
> > of them are layout, most of them are changes to the way the styles
> > are used, and what tags get used in various places...
> >
> > if you look at http://roselli.org/new_evolt/layout/front.asp, you'll
> > notice that the <form> tags are, in fact, inside the cell...
> >
> > if you were cutting and pasting that header, then there should be
> > no problem validating it... you can see that at
> > http://roselli.org/new_evolt/layout/, with the link to the validator...
> >
> > not to mention the entire header layout and image slices are
> > different as well....
> >

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