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David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Sat Nov 25 19:09:20 CST 2000

Well, for me it's just as easy to go to your site and view source for any
page that I'm working on. If you could just upload all the new images and
the new style sheet, that would be mighty cool. Then we'd have all the right

So just to clarify (new kid jitters, sorry)... Is the HTML/CSS/design as it
stands on Adrian's site the final version? For example, on the articles
page, Adrian has a pull-down for rating the articles, and test.evolt.org has
radio buttons. Which are we using. (I currently have both on the page and
they're both functional if anyone wants to compare.)

thanks again

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> > So to get the code from Adrian's site to evolt, do we (the
> [html] people)
> > just need to grab the appropiate page and cut and paste our way
> through the
> > templates? Or do you have the separate pieces in discrete files already,
> > Adrian?
> you tell me... i can zip up everything (images, CSS, html files) and
> post 'em / send 'em... or whatever you want...
> ok... FTP program hosed... will download another, and upload a
> .zip archive... i believe StuffIt can open .zip files, for you Mac folk...
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