[thesite] CSS related bug?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Nov 26 08:23:57 CST 2000

>too bad, cus i wanted to read it :(

daniel, if the reason you wanted to read it has anything to do with writing
a query that returns the top X rows, please consider that you will get poor
performance using the correlated subquery technique outlined in my article

remember a thread we had on thelist a long time ago about how to use
MAXROWS in CFQUERY to limit the number of rows in cold fusion?

the database engine will always be required to do the sort, right?  i don't
think i need to explain why, but i will if asked

therefore, if there's some way to limit the query *before* the sort, that
might improve response time

for instance, if you were interested in returning the last 5 articles, we
have about a thousand articles in the CONTENT table, so it might help if
you put a condition into the query that returns only those articles posted
in the last thirty days, use ORDER BY datemod DESC, and then have MAXROWS
in the query cut it off

> <font COLOR=cecece>

my bad, eh?

if i recall correctly, i was trying to overcome a netscape css bug which
reverted the font face after a table, disregarding the style sheet (anybody
remember that one?)

and if i have to go in and edit the article, i'd much prefer to rewrite it,
it doesn't mention MAXROWS


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